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Service for disabled persons

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System is being developed in accordance with federal program of Russia "Accessible environment"

System collects data about availability of social infrastructure objects for disabled persons and people with reduced mobility.

Allows to increase the availability of social infrastructure in country (region, state) and accelerate the adaptation of disabled persons to social life.

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Interactive map of social infrastructure objects

Interactive map and search filters allow users to create optimal route and check data about availability of social infrastructure objects:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social protection
  • Fitness and sports
  • Culture
  • Public transport
  • Communications
  • Real estate
  • Services and consumer market

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Certification system

System of object certification allows to split process between organization staff, upload data about several objects in same time and verify uploaded information.

Software allows inspectors conduct expert evaluation right on the object without internet connection. Inspectors may use any mobile device on modern operating system (iOS, Android, Windows phone).

Module is developed in accordance with technical guide "Procedure of certification and classification of objects and services for independent evaluation and development of actions for increasing availability" from 2012.

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With use of analytics and reporting module it's possible to check availability of objects in the context of region, state or city.

Whole documents about certification are kept and confirmed right in the system. Actions of each user are being logged and might be cancelled.

Pilot project

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Tourist guide for
Sverflovsk region

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